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WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS - Mo’alla Calligraphy from Iran

Cosmic Heart Gallery has put together an exquisite collection of ‘MO’ALLA (The Exalted) CALLIGRAPHY’ all the way from Iran by world renowned Artist Kaveh Afraie in collaboration with the Culture House of IR of Iran, Mumbai.

Calligraphy is defined as art of beautiful writing adhering to aesthetics and grace. Not only does it have great aesthetic value, but also powerful energy signatures and frequency that it translates into homes, as each writing carries erudite sayings, prayers periodicals and deeds of the Prophet Muhammed.

‘Mo’alla’ is the latest achievement in the art of calligraphy in Iranian society, after ‘Shekasteh Nas’taliq’ writing was invented about 150 years ago. Mo’alla (The Exalted) Calligraphy has been innovated by Hamid Ajami whom the Artist acknowledges as his master or teacher. Mo’alla calligraphy is based on the calligrapher’s own subjective and imaginative interpretation of various traditional calligraphic styles, resulting in the emerging of a new visual style.

This unique collection has been adorned with Tazhib (gilding) – an Arabic word which has been derived from “zahab” meaning “gold”. Gilding involves drawing beautiful patterns. At the beginning, golden colour was used in this art and this is why they called it “tazhib” (gilding). Other colours like azure, blue, green, vermilion, and turquoise have also been used along with gold.

The masterpiece of the Artist in this collection is the BIRD OF BISMILLAH. Kaveh Afraie had a dream and was shown a lot of words which culminated into what seemed like the form of a bird. The Master communicated in this sacred space – You do not create these things, but they appear and that is what happened. All words scrambled together and suddenly a special shape of a bird appeared explicitly and clearly. The artist could then perceive the Master’s words. What resulted is this unique, exquisite artwork – ‘Bird of Bismillah’ which has a total of 2000 letters of the name of God woven together ornately.

“We are happy to support these creative endeavors and this is our third exhibition with Cosmic Heart Gallery. Our mutual vision is to spread love and beauty through art. We truly dissolve all borders when we express ourselves through this wonderful medium of art.” – Mr Mahdi Zare, Director, Culture House of the I.R. of IRAN, Mumbai




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