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“It is your light that lights the worlds” — Rumi

“Every person should adorn their home with exquisite art. The aesthetics & colours elevate our mood & being. We have introduced a beautiful collection of affordable art so that it can reach many people.” — Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Head & Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery

This new collection is titled THE HEART OF ONENESS by Artist Vivechana. This includes an array of geometric mandalas inspired by Moroccan, Turkish and Arabic art & architecture. Sufism is the ancient wisdom of the heart. The remembrance of our hearts as divine temples leads to transformation. Allowing the inner light of our heart to radiate; we realise the one heart that binds all souls.

The geometric designs used in this art embody and convey the harmony and structure of everything on earth through a pattern. The tessellation of the stars, flowing lines and arabesque without a beginning or an end, portrays a sense of infinity and becomes the means to express the principle of unity and cosmic harmony.

Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Head, Cosmic Heart Gallery was in Dharamshala at a Peace Conference with Youth Leaders & delegates from fifty countries in May 2016 and presented the first artwork from this collection – ‘COMPASSIONATE HEART’ to His Holiness, who has blessed the gallery and its journey on art.

The Mandalas are available as Giclee archival prints. Each painting comes with its own unique title, concept note explaining the intent. Each print is custom made and custom sizes are available on request.This collection also includes art deco meditation mats, cushion cases and lamps. Display stands are tastefully designed for those who prefer not to hang them on a wall. These are beautiful pieces for homes, offices and also make delightful gifts for loved ones.


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Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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