A celebration of Handicrafts, Photography & Calligraphy Artworks, and Fine Art prints hailing from Iran.

Iran’s prize possession has been its art and culture which has evolved over thousands of years of recorded history. Iran is a country that defines beauty in more ways than one. It was one of the first civilizations of the world and has held a strikingly stable culture over millennia.

Message from Mr Mahdi Zare, Director,
Culture House of the I.R. of IRAN, Mumbai

In the name of the Creator of Beauties
Art is one of the most ancient and most fundamental fields of crystallization and manifestation of human soul. Human activities in art got developed in various disciplines and people in different historical periods focused on the artistic productions of each of these disciplines. The artistic products are the direct representation of the human identity and its compulsive emotional form. To address each of the topics and subjects of art shows the human conception towards them.

Each culture propagates promotes and introduces itself through its artistic products. Iranian culture provided valuable works of arts. Culture and art represent nations which speak about the spiritual messages based on peace, humanism, peaceful co-existence and understanding with other cultures and civilizations and this is one of the foundations of Iranian Islamic culture.

Messages full of intimacy, love, friendship and cooperation are one of the most important needs of present society.

In fact, the Iranian art glamorizes the minds of the spirituality, beauty and perfection loving people. To exhibit these artistic works symbolises friendship and love between nations. The Islamic Revolution of Iran has the message of friendship for the entire world.

I hope that our association with Cosmic Art Gallery and its Head, Madam Jalpa Vithalani will promote further the levels of Iran – India relations.

The Art of Minakari

Enamel working and decorating metals with colorful and baked coats is one of the distinguished courses of art in Isfahan.

The art of Minakari or Enamelling is called miniature of fire as well as the decoration of metal and tile with mina glaze. Minakari or Enamelling is the art of painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colours that are decorated in an intricate design which comprise of a pattern of birds and animals on a floral background in light blue, green, yellow and red.

Mina is the feminine form of Minoo in Persian, meaning heaven. Mina refers to the Azure colour of heaven. The Iranian craftsmen of Sassanid era invented this art and Mongols spread it to India and other countries.

The intricate geometric design pattern of Minakari symbolizes various elements of a belief structure that has been evolved since the dominance of Mithraism era in the Iranian plateau. Here the center medallion symbolizes Mithra, the sun.

At Cosmic Heart Gallery we bring to you beautiful collection of Minakari & Khatamkari handicrafts to adorn your homes.

Khatamkari: Artistic Heritage

Delicate and meticulous marquetry, has been produced since the Safavid period: when “Khatam” was so popular in the court that even princes learned this technique at the same level of music or painting.

“Khatam” means “incrustation”, and “Khatam-kari” (Persian: خاتم‌کاری‎), “incrustation work”. This craft consists in the production of incrustation patterns (generally star shaped), with thin sticks of wood (ebony, teak, ziziphus, orange, rose), brass & camel bones.

This craft has existed for more than 700 years and is still perennial in Shiraz and Isfahan.


Persian calligraphy has several styles predominantly Shekasteh, Nasta’liq, Naskh & Mohaqqaq. Ancient Iranians with an alphabet of 36 letters, used skins and pen to write  decorative calligraphy adorned works of pottery, metallic vessels, and more.

The Calligraphy artwork collection by Calligrapher Bahadur Baghri from Tehran are beautiful, simple and each painting carries universal verses/messages that touch your soul

Fine Art Prints of renowned Artist Mahmoud Farshchian – A master of Persian painting & miniatures

Mahmoud Farshchian paintings have become symbols of Iranian contemporary art in the world. Master Farshchian’s beautiful paintings show us a perfect synergy between mankind, animals and the nature that surrounds them. His works demonstrate how these are interlinked, inter-dependent and united with each other. His works are examples of Iranian painting blended with modern techniques. His works are inspired by literature and poetry.

Sufi Musafir Photography, Journey to Iran Zameen by Haji Syed Salman Chishty, Director, Chishty Foundation, Ajmer Sharif

Haji Syed Salman Chishty has been passionately engaged in practical research on world Sufi traditions and their impact on different cultures and traditions. He has represented the Chishty Sufi Order at the United Nations, Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Bosnia, Bangladesh, among other countries.

The Chishty Foundation, Ajmer Sharif is a progressive spiritual foundation promoting harmony, peace & love through service. As an Artist, his works are powerful & yet silent and spread frequencies of peace, love and beauty. His extensive travels and soulful experiences have been captured beautifully on lens, sharing meaningful messages through the medium of art photography. This collection is a blend of nature, people and the beautiful culture of Iran in a way that has touched the Artist. This series would offer beautiful visual & energetic space in many offices & homes.


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