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Soulscapes by Vivechana

“Every symbol hides a living power.” — Sri Aurobindo

Vivechana begun researching on Mandalas seven years ago on an inner impulse of delving into the world of beauty, form and symbols. The research was with no fixed goal other than her own learning. Much of the work is the result of a deep study of ancient sacred geometry principles, wisdom of ancient Indian spiritual texts and spiritual Masters. A few years ago, Vivechana felt the need to create artistically from the messages and learnings that were coming to her. In this realm of creativity and enthusiasm ‘Soulscapes’ was born.

“The intent behind the work is to create harmony — inner and outer and to manifest beauty. I do believe that the choices we make of what surrounds us, defines our life, both in the material and non-material realm.” — Vivechana Saraf

Mandalas help one stay “centred” within. The sacred geometry symbols and colours used are intended to create an atmosphere of joy, calm and harmony. The mandalas can also be used as a tool to aid meditation and concentration.

Mandalas symbolise oneness both in its latent symbolism as well as outward expression. Through cultures it has been seen that sacred circles have been created for prayer, healing and transformation. A study of the symbolism of sacred circles in worship, sacred architecture and rituals across diverse cultures like Indian, Celtic, Native American, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and Aborginal brings to light that man’s spiritual search through the ages has been to discover and integrate with the centre within. The Mandala serves as the unifying element that shows us that all life is interconnected and a thread of oneness binds all beings.


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