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Sarfaraz Laskari

About the Artist

Sarfaraz Laskari

Sarfaraz Laskari’s paintings have this unique luster and visual representation, which is deeply inspired by his direct experiences and his genetic roots. The artist’s philosophies are influenced by spiritualists like Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Mooji & Allan Watts.

An interior designer by profession, Sarfaraz has this passion for art. His natural, simple, fresh & tranquil approach to life reflects on his canvas. His creativity is fueled by his practice of art and music. As an artist, he makes use of multitudes of mediums that include alcohol inks, water colours, pen-ink, digital mediums, oils and acrylics on canvas.

Sarfaraz’s artistic freedom showcases Buddhist perception — everything is alive and influences everything else revealing bio-spirituality.

The artist has showcased his works in a solo show in London that was well received. This is his second solo show in India at Cosmic Heart Gallery. His Buddha series ‘Mindfulness’ were showcased at WOW Women’s Awards in an exclusive art walk and also at a Tibetan Wellness Camp of His Holiness’s Hospital, Men Tsee Khang by Cosmic Heart Gallery.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
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