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About the Artist

Pablo Ramirez Arnol

Pablo Ramirez Arnol’s artistic training began in the classrooms of the National School of Fine Arts PRILIDIANO PUEYRREDON, Buenos Aires. From 1999 to 2004. He served as a teacher of art (drawing and painting-sculpture) for the blind & visually impaired in the Eduardo Sívori Museum, City of Buenos Aires.

In 2004 Pablo Ramirez Arnol was awarded the annual Scholarship at the INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM ARTISTS, dependent on the National Directorate of Cultural Policy and International Co-operation of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

Until 2016, the Artist was in the special school Portal del Sol; making murals and activities of public art in schools across the country under the Exchange Project and Service Learning.

“I work as an illustrator of children’s books and poetry, highlighting among some, the book “Variations of light” with Diana Bellessi, editor of “Magic Oranges” and actively participated in poetry in schools across the country, encouraging reading and art as a whole,” shares the Artist.

“This talented Artist has participated in group and solo exhibitions in the National Artistic Space and since 2006 performed activities and public art mural in the MUROSUR group – participating in several international meetings representing our country.” — Acting Consul General, Alejandro Zothner Meyer

“Pablo’s strength lies in his sensitivity, sensibilities with various mediums and creative expression.” — Jalpa Vithalani, the Curator & Gallerist

The Artist had a wonderful visit to Dharamshala and was inspired by the mountains and stillness. From this birthed an exquisite ‘Monk’ series. These are representational of the immense strength & peace that comes from stillness, not renunciation.

This visually powerful collection is exclusively showcased at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Easy to put up sizes in any space and beautifully framed, these watercolour paintings make attractive collages when displayed together as a series as well.


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