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Natasha Lalla

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Natasha Lalla

Painting since the last 12 years, Natasha Lalla has developed a distinct style of her own that involves painting using her fingers! She uses vivid colours to create stunning abstract works that come from deep within her & unleash a host of creative and universal energies that reflect her spirituality. Natasha does not paint with a brush as she finds it resisting her flow of pure divine energy. She has a deep understanding of how colours impact one’s overall sense of well-being.

“Colours have healing properties and the method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases is called chromo therapy. A centuries-old concept used successfully over the years. For me painting is a form of artistic meditation. I feel it is important for people to see the artist through the works,” says the artist Natasha Lalla.

Abstraction in acrylic is what she derives in her paintings which to a lame-eye can be summed up as exuberant harvests of blending colours and finger strokes. One could say that Natasha’s art style is something on the lines of the famed artist Rassoulli whose work has been quoted as “the little realities we can’t see or the art that dances… without dancers”.

Painting in free form, stream of consciousness is a form of artistic meditation that reflects the style that we see demonstrated in Natasha’s work today. Natasha has a unique way of reflecting her spiritual and sublime experiences by expressing images from her subconscious onto canvas by swirling finger strokes. She enjoys the mysticism of the abstract medium of art by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.

“I do not know where to begin about my journey. I think it started as a child. I just knew I was different and my unconscious would reveal to me what I should do — as I grew up I just learnt to trust it totally.  Complete surrender is what gives me this unique gift to do what I do.  I have had no formal training in art but just a love for it since childhood.” says Natasha.

With the fantastic ability to create art that catches the eye with vibrant hues and calms one’s senses with mystical abstract work, Natasha Lalla has achieved recognition for her work nationally and internationally. Her celebrated career led her to be a part of Cosmic Heart Gallery’s participation at the prestigious exhibition — Art Bahrain Across Borders 2019, which is Bahrain’s International Art Fair held under The Patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife Of His Majesty The King Of Bahrain, President Of The Supreme Council For Women.

ArtBAB is designed as a conversation between Bahrain’s artists and the rest of the art world and has forged a unique identity for itself — as a marker of the Kingdom’s contemporary history as seen through the prism of art. Works by Natasha Lalla & Shailan Parker, who have a flair for contemporary, abstract art, were presented by Cosmic Heart Gallery at this international exhibition.

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