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Kensho ~ Seeing into one’s true nature

In Zen traditions, ‘Ken’ translates to ‘seeing’ and ‘Sho’ means ‘nature’ or ‘essence.’ Kensho is widely used to describe enlightenment. Our journey involves discovering our own true self and being true to that essence.

The natural mind is the Buddha’s mind. This serene series of lyrically abstracted Buddhas and stunning representations of nature take you to a place of silence, peace & joy. Through these paintings we are inviting you to have a pure, direct experience, where the inner and outer worlds rhyme.

“There is an amalgamation of form with poetical abstraction in the representations, a beautiful play of colours and technique.” says the curator Jalpa Vithalani.

Under the umbrella of KENSHO, we take you on a Zen journey.

The exhibition showcases a ‘Shikantaza’ series which literally means to sit and depicts a practice of Zen Buddhism that involves understanding emptiness. This ‘Silent Illumination’ is the purest manifestation of Zen because mind and body are completely forgotten and we are at complete oneness with the whole universe.

The purpose of Shikantaza is to move beyond our interpretations of reality and actualize emptiness. When we reflect that there is another world beyond our limited experience, we can empty ourselves of preconceived ideas and accept things as they are.

The beautiful Lotus series, Pipala series, the Fig tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment, Rushen series ~ denoting & depicting clarity, a Nature series also form part of this unique exhibition.

‘To empty’ water from a cup does not mean to drink it up. ‘To empty’ means to have direct, pure experience without relying on the form or colour of being. So that our experience is ‘empty’ of our preconceived ideas and we reach the point of seeing into one’s true nature, the experience of Satori. This illumination is the realization of knowing your essence.

Artist’s Note – The Process:

Conceptually, I have been extruding on the same narrative, of self-discovery and alignment with the pursuits of consciousness through meditation. In the new series, I did not want to restrict myself to and be a prisoner of just one style. Working with acrylics and conventional paint mediums earlier, I now wanted to further explore and squander resources available. As an artist we need to step out of our comfort to create, experiment and experience.

The alcohol inks and fluid mediums require you to engage your instincts to a greater extent. There is no undoing. The process is a lot more spontaneous and requires nimble execution, as the inks dry fast. The approach is less structured as compared to acrylics and oil mediums.

Working with a creative innocence, you do not expect to arrive. It is the journey, but along the way you bloom under the freshness of an unrepeatable moment.

You have to be an audience to your art, but also let it be your salvation. The joy of painting and the sensual experience that it is; is what fulfils me.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
781-562-9355, 781-727-6090