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Eye of the Tiger

In association with Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, the Ranthambore School of Art, Bittu Sahgal’s Sanctuary Nature Foundation & YES Private — YES Bank

In the grand symphony of symbols, few resonate with the depth and resonance of the tiger. This majestic creature embodies an indomitable presence, infusing one with vitality, fortitude, and the very essence of existence itself. Symbolizing primal instincts, spontaneous action, and the unbridled celebration of the untamed spirit of life, the tiger is a reflection of vitality, self-trust, and the invincible power that resides at the heart of our collective consciousness.

The exhibition, “Eye of the Tiger” stands as a testament to the majestic aura of this mighty cat that reigns supreme in the verdant jungles of India. Featuring over 100 remarkable artworks, this collection captures the true essence of the tiger, revered by all who encounter its majestic presence. With each stroke of the brush, over 200 village artists associated with the Ranthambore School of Art breathe life into their creations, offering a glimpse into the soul of the wild.

The exhibition is more than just a showcase of art dedicated to the striped cat that rules the jungles, it is rather a coming together of forces that believe in the transformative power of art & culture in bringing attention to the matters of conservation at large. In a collaborative effort with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation and the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Bittu Sahgal and YES Private YES Bank the exhibition is a true convergence of artistic brilliance, heartfelt passion, and unwavering commitment to conservation.

Each masterpiece within the exhibition is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of these magnificent creatures. From the intricate texture of their striped fur to the soulful depth of their enigmatic eyes, from the ferocity of their hunting prowess to the playfulness of their curious nature, every artwork pulsates with the vibrant energy of the wild. The artists have used a vibrant palette of poster colours as well as charcoals to create life-like pieces that simply draw you in. They indelibly mark a profound commitment to fostering awareness about wildlife conservation, ensuring that the legacy of these majestic beings endures for generations to come.

“We have curated the show in a unique way, presenting this magnificent animal in more ways than one. Each painting is like a photograph; that is how alive & detailed these breathtaking compositions are and how beautifully the artists have brought the tigers to life. This itself speaks volumes of the talent! Eye of the Tiger is much more than an exhibition, it is an initiative that is built on the vision and aim to support the village artists, and to create awareness on wildlife conservation.” says Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Director & Founder, Cosmic Heart Gallery.

The partnership with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation underscores a promise to support the arts in the villages of the country and build a community of artists that thrives. The exhibition celebrates homegrown talent, offers livelihood to the artists & their families, and brings to the fore pieces that will hang with pride in homes across the country, igniting conversations and inspiring action in support of wildlife preservation.

As you journey through the captivating allure of the Eye of the Tiger, may you be transported to the heart of the wilderness, where the echoes of nature’s symphony reverberate in every brushstroke. Presented by Cosmic Heart Gallery, this exclusive exhibition is a tribute to the wild spirit that resides within us all—a poignant reminder to embrace the primal rhythm of life and tap into the profound connection that binds us to the world around us.


The Ranthambhore School of Art, situated near Sawai Madhopur, comprises painters from local villages, focusing primarily on the majestic tigers of Ranthambhore. Established in 1987, the school aims to advocate wildlife conservation, biodiversity, sustainability, and environmental education through art, celebrating our natural heritage.

Recruiting students from nearby villages and towns, the school endeavors to perpetuate the tiger’s majestic image, emphasizing its vital role in the ecosystem. Conducting demonstrations and talks in villages, the school garners enthusiastic responses, especially from young children who become future conservationists. Their global exhibitions and recognition by NGOs and animal protection societies underscore their significant contribution to conservation efforts in Ranthambhore and beyond.


The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) embodies Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur’s commitment to philanthropy and social upliftment. As the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and former MLA for Sawai Madhopur, she serves as the Save the Girl Child Ambassador for the state as well.

As a leader and a true patron of the arts, the Princess has lent her support through her esteemed organization in order to showcase the homegrown talent of her state and create a community of artists that thrives. She has collaborated with Jalpa H Vithalani, the Creative Director & Founder of Cosmic Heart Gallery for other social-empowerment projects as well.

Driven by a vision of inclusive development, Princess Diya has leveraged her success in tourism, hospitality, and education to launch PDKF, focusing on empowering underprivileged communities, particularly women and girls, in Rajasthan. The foundation aims to create sustainable livelihoods, elevate living standards, and foster a healthy socio-economic environment.

Since its establishment in 2013, PDKF has expanded its outreach, concentrating on Jaipur and Sawai Madhopur. By fostering synergies and partnerships, PDKF ensures a cost-effective and sustainable impact, catalyzing lasting change at the grassroots level.

To learn more about PDKF’s initiatives, please visit their website: Princess Diya Kumari Foundation


Bittu Sahgal, the visionary behind the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, has dedicated over four decades to wildlife conservation and environmental advocacy. As the founder of Sanctuary Asia, India’s pioneering wildlife and ecology magazine since 1981, and Sanctuary Cub, the nation’s sole wildlife publication for children, his impact resonates across generations.

His involvement with Project Tiger from its inception in the 1970s underscores his unwavering commitment to preserving biodiversity. Bittu’s multifaceted approach includes writing, producing wildlife documentaries, and leading national and international environmental campaigns. His creation, Kids for Tigers, has educated over a million school children about conservation.

Bittu’s influence extends to governmental and non-governmental organizations, serving on esteemed boards such as the National Board for Wildlife and the IUCN. His advocacy spans diverse platforms, advocating for wilderness conservation at global forums.

Under his guidance, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation has evolved into a Section 8 Foundation, reaffirming its mission to foster biodiversity, promote climate sustainability, and advocate for an equitable future for all. Through his tireless efforts, Bittu Sahgal continues to shape a world where nature thrives and humanity coexists harmoniously.


As a pioneering financial institution driven by purpose and innovation, YES BANK stands out for its dedication to expanding existing businesses and diversifying loan portfolios while embracing digitization to enhance customer experience across various segments.

The partnership with Cosmic Heart Gallery reinforces YES BANK’s belief in the transformative power of art and culture. The Gallery, known for its unique experiences combining art and intent is based in Mumbai and brings this collaboration as a movement towards catalysing conversations about wildlife conservation and providing a platform for marginalized artists.

The bank demonstrates its commitment to nurturing the present for a better future and reflects its ethos of embracing innovation and shaping a more inclusive society through meaningful initiatives like “The Eye of the Tiger” exhibition.


Nestled in a busy neighbourhood in South Mumbai, India, Cosmic Heart Gallery is an ode to celebrating the best the world has to offer — art, positive frequencies, music, culture & meaningful gatherings.

The one-of-a-kind Gallery has hosted over 300 successful events in its 11 years of existence. From representing the country at international forums like Art Bahrain, the United Nations and BPW International, the gallery has a long standing relationship with the art fraternity across the world. Established with a strong belief in empowerment, it has become a platform for young & emerging artists as well as veterans in art, photography, printmaking and sculpture-making from the country and the globe.

The space is known for its unique exhibitions and curations that pique the interests of its patrons, keeping in line with the mission to provide exquisite art and purposeful messages. It believes that the borders of language & geography are shed when we express the best of humanity through the medium of art, and to realise this belief Cosmic Heart Gallery has partnered with several organizations for the exchange of art & culture, truly creating a world without borders.

The Founder & Director, Jalpa H Vithalani is a member of the prestigious Task Force of Arts for Business & Professional Women (BPW) International for Peace and Intercultural Understanding, the largest world organization empowering women since 1930 and present in 100 countries. She is currently the President of the South Mumbai Chapter. She has been felicitated with the Times of India Women Icon Award for her outstanding contribution to Art & Social work and has been recognized with the Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Award by AsiaOne 2020-21, CNBCTV18 & United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


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