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Cosmic Heart Gallery – A Million Steps for Love – Celebrating 8 years and the Power of Love!

A celebration of life, love, empowerment, freedom and the act of letting go.
How far can you go for love? – A question that has been asked and left unanswered through the years. The only answer that does come to mind is, ‘As far as it takes.’
Love is our natural state of being.

Following her own path, leaving behind that which held her back, Esmeralda declared herself a pilgrim, an amazon and started walking to spread the message of love in the world. Her mission was always clear, every step taken in the name of love would wield power that sets her and those who witness it free.

She met two Austrian men who spoke to her about ‘The Jerusalem Way – The Way of Love’ and something instantly clicked. It felt as if her soul had spoken, she followed her instincts and started her journey in 2014 to walk from Finisterre to Jerusalem. A distance of 5000 km was ahead of her and she was ready with her tent, hammock and hiking boots.

“You can’t walk the path of love if you don’t believe you are worthy of being loved.” – Esmeralda

Over the vast 7 years of her journey, she witnessed a sense of calm as the truth about love revealed itself (slowly). She felt a calling to share this experience with others and 13 Dutch women answered her call to join her in the last stretch of the pilgrimage, from Jericho to Jerusalem.

“Choosing love really means choosing what feeds your soul.”

Walking the last 75 km to Jerusalem, the women experienced the magic of love. They found themselves connecting with absolute strangers, celebrating womanhood, cherishing sisterhood and tapping into their innate ability to love.

“I was overwhelmed by the power of us women.”

Sandra Korse, a conscious documentary filmmaker documented this last stage and created a special piece of visual art that envelops those who watch it with love and joy.

‘A Million Steps for Love’ has captured the most inspiring moments of their journey, their truest feelings, their revelations about love and the holy path that goes straight through the Westbank of Palestine.

We invite you to witness their journey and make it your own. To feel the spark of joy as you see strangers unite, to sigh with satisfaction as you gaze at the wondrous horizons that grace the landscape of Palestine, to laugh at the delight of the women when they dance with Bedouin locals and to shed tears of happiness and understanding as they tell us what love means to them.

Here’s to the Way of Love!
From a place of love,
In the name of love.

Curator’s Note

To mark the occasion of Cosmic Heart Gallery completing 8 years, it takes great joy in launching a unique virtual exhibition that will envelop the viewers’ senses and take them on a journey of love.

Following its own path to love, the Gallery has always acted on instinct and what feels right. When Creative Head & Founder, Jalpa reconnected with Sandra and heard about the documentary, she knew it was special and a work of art; that she wanted to give a platform to.

“We share a common passion for love, life, the work we are involved in, women empowerment and sisterhood. Mutual respect and creativity binds us and has created a deep bond.” – Sandra Korse on Jalpa.

The momentous occasion, the message and the bond of love were then weaved together to create an audio-visual experience like no other. The Gallery’s motto of art without borders took on a deeper meaning as it strives to bring positive frequencies home to people.

A virtual medium has strengthened the Gallery’s belief that anyone who is ready to welcome the good in life, will in whichever way possible. ‘A Million Steps for Love’ and Cosmic Heart Gallery have come together to celebrate what truly matters – the journey that moulds us into understanding the truth about life and love.

Letting life unfold and experiencing the magic of it, treating every opportunity as a gift, creating experiences that last a lifetime and nurturing a space of well-being & love is what Jalpa has followed throughout these 8 years. This has resulted in grace and making sure that joy emanates from every action she takes.

The exhibition highlights these very ideals that have been captured in the documentary. The way instinct – ‘whispers of the soul’ guide us to be on the right path, the way love transcends every emotion and the way one feels at home even in the unknown.

They say, the key is within. Well, we say that we first need to find the lock. And the lock too is within. It is simply about resting in our inner beingness and following the intelligence of the heart. Life unfolds magically so.

The only path to embark on is to go on a journey of self-discovery, finding what feeds the soul and self-love. Step by step and milestone by milestone, everything can be won over and everything can be achieved. It is only a matter of taking the first step.

This exhibition is more than putting forth art, it is a showcase of the transformative powers of love and joy. It is a glorious presentation of what is possible in the name of love.

Here’s to the Way of Love!

About Sandra Korse

Sandra is the producer of the film ‘A Million Steps for Love’.

Sandra Korse is a conscious documentary filmmaker & passionate interviewer who is driven by the phrase: ‘joy can change the world.’

She studied cinematography in South Africa and has interviewed many people about joy. She has merged her passion for different cultures with her qualities as an interviewer and the immense joy she feels when she is behind the camera. She has honed her skills and is ready to contribute to the growing evolution of human consciousness on our planet.

Music by Alexia Chellun

These are the catchphrases that describe the way of life for singer-songwriter Alexia Chellun.

Born into a South London family steeped in musical influences and cultural traditions that have continued to accompany and enrich her music since childhood, Chellun’s deep and soulful vocals, uncluttered arrangements, and natural dynamics are the perfect companions for her enlightening observations.

Throughout her song-writing, Chellun exhibits a unique melodic pop sensibility combined with lyrical themes that examine the human race, consciousness, and awareness.

The music in the documentary and exhibition has been recorded entirely in 432Hz frequency which is said to be mathematically resonant with the patterns of the universe. It has the ability to be highly relaxing and healing. The music adds the perfect touch of magic to the message of Love.


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