According to Aparna and Pooja, who will conduct workshops at the Cosmic Heart Gallery, the children will be introduced to the life and work of VAN GOGH.
Children will learn about the artist’s life and learn about his famous masterpieces, through an audio-visual session. “We introduce you to the magical world of the great Masters and Legends of Art through a fun and interactive workshop for children. The art that will come through during the three hours will transform their world of expression, allowing the children to experience different realms and realities through the power of the Master Artist.”
VAN GOGH’s play and understanding of energy was well ahead of his time. The children will be encouraged to explore, to imagine and flow freely into different expressions of their creativity.
What makes this different is that at this workshop, kids who would usually be sketching and conceptualizing on paper and who would be thrilled that their art has been put up on the classroom walls; will now learn about the legends of Art such as VAN GOGH and Pablo Picasso.
Children will learn from the artist’s technique, implement the art principles used by VAN GOGH through a series of fun work sheets. They will then freely express themselves, using a reference of their choice based on the techniques learnt, using any medium they are comfortable with to create their own masterpiece.
This expression is meant to expand their understanding of art, release their latent creativity and increase their vocabulary of styles, techniques and mediums used by The Master Artists.
So, the next time you hear a seven-year-old saying, Mum, look at that VAN GOGH, at an Art Gallery do not drop your jaw in shock and awe. Today's kids could teach you a thing or two about anything including a Mondrian or an Anjolie Ela Menon for that matter.
Materials that will be provided for the workshop: Black canvas / paper, pencils / acrylic paints / palette/ brush/ bowl for water/ rag.
Note: Please wear paint happy clothes
Date: January 13, 2013, SUNDAY
Timings: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: At Cosmic Heart Gallery
Energy exchange: Rs.1200/-
Refreshments: A light snack
Registration Required: You can register your child by calling +91 022 22085926 between 11am-7pm or mail us at Limited seats available
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